Spirituality, science, politics, art, economics, and nature—all somehow fit into the same picture of my life, one among many lives, in a world in constant flux. They are part of the same whole. Yet, everything is compartmentalized—science divided from religion, nature from culture, art from economics and politics, and even art of one kind from art of another. The drawings seek to embrace all.

To prepare the drawings, I re-gather these parts and re-unify them, without eliminating their distinctiveness. They flow along rolling sine waves, part of the cyclical nature of life. Economic data, work by artists who sought a new spiritual vocabulary, tracks from particle physics experiments, Buddhist symbols, news clippings reporting deaths from political violence, maps of environmental events, renderings of found objects, undefined abstract dots, fragments of musical notation—all swing through the image without a clear narrative, but with a sense of an unexplained order.

Disparate sources beget disparate styles. I freely deploy abstraction and representation, found and invented imagery, collage and rendering by hand.

It is the sense of order, or harmony, that unites all—the good, the bad, and the ambiguous.

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